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Giving back is easy.

Aisha Tariqa Silver™ is committed to urban communities and bettering youths' chances for access to opportunities, sufficient education, the arts, and emotional health. Partnering with Pledge as an Official Partner, and toward this aim, we vow to donate 2% of sales to four American urban youth charities. Read more about how your purchase will contribute to the charities offering these essential programs below.



All Stars Project⭐

Your purchase can help a child dream big.

The All Stars Project is an innovative organization that helps disadvantaged kids live their dreams. They offer afterschool development programs to urban city youth and ensure that stardom is not just for those with privilege. Consequently, they are influenced to dream big, be bold, and cultivate self-confidence to help them in their lives ahead, regardless of their chosen career.


Inner City Youth Charitable Foundation

Educate a young person today.

Success in the contemporary world mostly depends on education. Nothing is as influential as negative peer pressure and a lack of strong role models for teens and young people, notwithstanding the fact that money problems, discrimination, and a lack of infrastructure might be barriers in their path. Inner City Youth Charitable Foundation encourages and assists underprivileged youngsters in pursuing higher education. The organization connects young people with positive role models to learn about life's possibilities and opportunities. They’re also educated about educational opportunities and receive help to get access to scholarships.



Inner-City Arts

Support the arts for disadvantaged youth.

Inner-City Arts is one of the few organizations focusing on both education and creativity, which are often overlooked. Inner-City Arts is an arts-focused education center that provides state-of-the-art education to disadvantaged youth in inner-city areas. With a physical campus, these children have a shot at exploring their creativity and positively impacting their communities. With your help, they can reach even more kids in need.


InnerCity Struggle


Improve community emotional health.

In deprived environments, some children develop an individualistic perspective that could lead to narcissism. This possibility is stark for many urban teens, psychologists say. InnerCity Struggle is a nonprofit organization that organizes the community to cross-collaborate and demands the right action. The organization can transform neighborhoods with direct action campaigns while also transforming communities of people. With direct action campaigns, they can transform the neighborhoods to end the cycle of struggle.


Every time you make a purchase, Aisha Tariqa Silver™  will donate 2% of your purchase price to one of our participating charitable partners in the US that are working hard to end poverty in America's inner cities. Join us today!

Your contribution will make a difference in people's lives. Make a purchase now and contribute your 2%.

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