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The Pain of a Poetry Writer: The Emotion of Artists

In order to become poets, we must have the ability to tap into our own emotions and channel them through our writing. Unfortunately, we must go through the pain of being an artist before we can release what we feel onto paper. Poet Maya Angelou said it best when she shared: there is no greater pain than a story untold. We are here today to discuss the pain relief that comes with poetry writing and give advice on how to best express yourself.


Poet Maya Angelou said it best when she shared: there is no greater pain than a story untold. Being poets ourselves, we can resonate with this piece. Have you ever felt the unquenchable need to create, to design, to write? We certainly have — and it is the emotion of artists when we need release. Whether you're looking for relief through journaling or poetry writing, these are some ways that you can get your creative juices flowing.

The Need to Create

It's important as a poet/poetry writer to know what your triggers are, which will help ease the discomfort and help to bring out those words from deep within your mind. As I often tell my fellow poetry writers, keep going. Being human can come with all manner of struggles. There could be a childhood trauma, a recent breakup, the death of a loved one, a huge move from one city to another, or school woes. One thing we all must realize is that pain, once it arrives, never disappears on its own. It can either be buried or released. And buried pain is just like that elephant in the room: it becomes larger the longer it is ignored until we suffocate from the lack of air. No matter the trigger, it is important to find healthy ways to get it out — and one of those ways is through creativity, or in this case, writing.

The Emotion of Artists

When we ignore our inevitable pain, it seeps in deeper, like red wine on a white carpet. And then, the stains become challenging to remove. Truly, pain can become an addiction to substances and other vices in those of us who ignore it long enough. Creativity and writing are like the hydrogen peroxide to the white carpet — the sooner you apply it, the faster the pain is removed. I have always found writing to be a form of magic in this way. And fellow poetry writers have also expressed this. It is as though the pain travels from the mind or the heart, down the arm, and through the hand and pen to the page — and there it remains. You retain the memory, but the heaviness is forever released. This is the true power of poetry. This is the true power of creativity in whichever form you most recognize and relate to. And this is the importance of artistic expression: release the inevitable before it builds and becomes unruly. Once you release the emotion, it becomes beauty — to be forever admired and enjoyed by yourself and those with whom you share it.


Artists seem to feel emotion more deeply and in a more complex manner than other populations, and we subsequently have the power to transform that pain and emotion into something beautiful and endearing. Here at Aisha Tariqa Silver, we know all too well that sweet feeling of release that occurs when we have created something that would never have existed without the overwhelming pain we experienced as artists. Something that only we as individuals were capable of creating.

We at Aisha Tariqa Silver strongly believe in the power of poetry and other forms of artistic expression, which is why we created the Art Emotions Backpack. The Art Emotions Backpack is poetry fashion and is specially designed as a fashion bag for artists who can relate to this experience. It was carefully created so you can easily store your supplies or art materials such as pens, pencils, markers, erasers, and so much more! It also includes plenty of compartments inside for your sketchbook or laptop. Whether you are going on a day trip or packing up everything to go back home after an extended stay at college, it's never been easier than with our Art Emotions Backpack!

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